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If you have always desired your home design to steer clear from that “Cookie Cutter” appearance, then you will absolutely enjoy the options that will come from opting for a contemporary house design. In essence, a contemporary design is about the current moment; the trends of forbidding cookie cutter homes, and creating a home design that is a complete change from the idea of traditional decor. A contemporary house design provides the appearance that goes above and beyond standard expectations of a home design. It accentuates personality, character and luxury appearance, all within a reasonable budget. The results are astonishing and the elements of contemporary homes that you will enjoy are mentioned below.

3D model of a staircase designDifference Between Modern and Contemporary House Design

A common misconception is that modern and contemporary house design is the same thing. However, the difference between the two is that a modern home design refers to a certain trend of design that follows much stricter guidelines. Contemporary homes, as mentioned, provides much more character and individuality into your home design that pushes the boundaries of design.

Contemporary Homes Focus on Less Being More

Within this style of home design, less is more and as a result, you are provided with much bolder, smooth and minimalistic details instead of colorful prints & big features. The space within contemporary homes is open, spacious, and flexible living space that offers an abundance of natural light. Contemporary house plans often accentuate an industrial look, filled with glass, concrete, vinyl and wood – All elements that can’t often be found in traditional home designs.

The Functionality of Contemporary Homes

As mentioned, a contemporary house design allows an overabundance of natural lighting which immediately provides an energy efficient element. In addition, since contemporary homes focus on providing open spaces that are breezy and fresh, there is a variety of flexibility that comes with each room. Your front entrance will never be crowded, and your dining room can easily be extended into another room if you have a large number of guests attending. The design caters to all kinds of uses so you can truly get exactly what you want out of your space, without the boxed in rooms and the overload of walls.

Contemporary homes allow you to take advantage of the advances in building technology and materials that allow you to have a home design that caters to your unique, innovative designs that are often energy efficient and affordable. If you are an adventurous homeowner who desires to steer clear of a home design that is typical and ordinary, then a contemporary house design allows your style to be accentuated through the current trends of functional, creative designs. Contemporary homes are exactly what you would see on the front page of a magazine that focuses on astonishing homes.

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